ASCA and USA Swimming Team Up For The New England Coaches Clinic In Boston, October 7-9









ASCA will offer the FINIS-ASCA Level 2 Stroke School on Friday morning through afternoon, October 7 as a preliminary event to the USA Swimming Regional Clinic which begins on Friday Evening and continues through Sunday morning.

There is limited room in the USA Swimming portion of the clinic, but still a few spots available.

There is LOTS of room in the Level 2 Stroke School.

ALL coaches are eligible to attend the FINIS-ASCA Stroke School. There are no prerequisites and the course is open to Non-ASCA members and non-USA Swimming coach members. (Everybody means everybody!)

This special edition Stroke School focuses on constructing and correcting strokes, starts, and turns for developmental swimmers of all ages. The emphasis is on progressions and teaching techniques.  This is a great course for coaches of novice swimmers – regardless if they are 9th graders on their first high school swimming experience or novice 9 year olds on the club team.  Even if you have already taken the Level 2 Stroke School, this course will offer new information directed toward the developmental swimmer.

Registration for the Stroke School is separate from the USA Swimming portion of the clinic.  Call the ASCA Office today and register for the Stroke School (800-563-4930).

Click here for complete ASCA and USA Swimming details and registration information.

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Awards Roundup & Notables — ASCA World Clinic & USAS Convention 2011

SAN DIEGO, CA–At the American Swimming Coaches Association’s (ASCA’s) annual World Clinic held earlier this month in San Diego, California, Gregg Troy was named the USA’s Coach of the Year for 2011. Troy’s work with Ryan Lochte, Elizabeth Beisel, Peter Vanderkaay and Dagny Knutson were cited in the honoring.

Also at the 2011 ASCA World Clinic, Richard Shoulberg was elected ASCA President for 2012. Four additional coaches were also elected to the organization’s Board for 2012-14 terms: Jack Bauerle, David Marsh, Tim Murphy and Eddie Reese.

JACKSONVILLE, FL–In USA Swimming related news, annual award winners were announced as part of last week’s 2011 United States Aquatics Sports (USAS) Convention, which featured the annual meetings of USA Swimming, US Masters Swimming, USA Diving and USA Synchro (USA Water Polo’s annual meeting is held at a different time of year). USA Swimming’s highest honor, the USA Swimming Award, this year went to Coach Richard Shoulberg. Additional swimming-related awards presented at the convention were:

-Coach of the Year: Gregg Troy, University of Florida

-Developmental Coach of the Year: Brian Brown, Hydro Swim Team

-Disability Coach of the Year: Jim Andersen, Black Dog Swimming

-Masters Coach of the Year: Chad Durieux, Rose Bowl Masters


-Swimmer of the Year: Ryan Lochte

-Open Water Swimmers of the Year: Ashley Twichell (female), Alex Meyer (male)

-Disability Swimmer of the Year (co-awarded): Mallory Weggemann and Marcus Titus


Also as part of the Masters convention, Nadine Day was elected as USMS President for 2012-14, replacing Jeff Moxie; and the host of the 2013 Pan American Masters Championships was announced as Sarasota, Florida.

Don’t Miss Our Next SwimAmerica Training — Chicago, October 15, 2011

We are going to have a SwimAmerica Training on October 15, 2011 from 4:00-8:00pm in conjunction with the 2011 Advanced Backstroke Clinic on October 16, 2011.  If you would like to start your own SwimAmerica learn to swim program or if you have any questions, please contact me at  The training information is below as well as some very important information as to “Why” you should be running a SwimAmerica learn to swim program.


SwimAmerica Training

Saturday, October 15, 2011 ~ 4:00-8:00pm ~ Hilton Rosemont Chicago O’Hare, 5550 N. River Road, Rosemont, IL  ~ 1-847-678-4488 ~ ASCA group rate $129 per night



SWIMAMERICA IS ESTABLISHED!  Created in 1988 by the American Swimming Coaches Association. SwimAmerica is Proven!  SwimAmericas’ 23 year proven teaching progression works!  It teaches swimmers to swim the right way the first time.  SwimAmerica will grow your competitive swim team!  SwimAmerica’s curriculum teaches swimming the right way the first time therefore it is a natural feeder program and progression into competitive swimming.


SWIMAMERICA IS FLEXIBLE!  SwimAmerica can be taught in any pool – a backyard pool, school pool or a multi-million dollar aquatic center.  The cirriculum is for infants through adults and can be used to teach all abilities.  The program can be small or very large!


SWIMAMERICA IS QUALITY!  SwimAmerica teaches children to swim – we don’t just teach swim lessons.  SwimAmerica puts Safety First!  SwimAmerica lessons are designed to teach all the swim skills your child needs to be safe in and around the water for a lifetime.  Our swim schools focus on safety skills and the ability to swim a minimum of 300 yards of freestyle.


SWIMAMERICA IS FUN!  SwimAmerica offers a highly rewarding job teaching children skills that can save their lives and it’s fun for the swimmers too!


SWIMAMERICA IS GOAL ORIENTED!  With SwimAmerica’s waterproof certificates, swimmers and parents know fromtheir first lesson the specific goals and skill mastery they are working on to become a proficient swimmer for life.  Swimmers are recognized as goals are met at each step of their skill mastery.


If you have any questions or would like to sign up, I am available between 9:00-3:00 est at 1-800-356-2722 or you can email me any time.  Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you soon.



Julie Nitti

SwimAmerica Director

ASCA Clinics on Call – Professional Education At Your Doorstep

Shoulder Stability and Functional Dryland – Insights From Institute of Human Performance

Another Fabulous DVD by Grif Fig and JC Santana:  Shoulder Exercises for Swimmers

Prehabilitation, Rehabilitation, and Elite Performance Shoulder Training.  Educate your coaching staff and team on the training methods that have kept shoulders healthy at the world renowned Institute of Human Performance for years.

Laminated 8 page exercise guide included.  Product # 718member price $40 + shipping.  Click HERE to order now.


Grif and JC’s other DVD is Laps – Functional Dryland Training for Swimmers

Grif Fig and Juan Carlos Santana bring you over 50 years of performance enhancement training specifically applied to the sport of swimming.  Now you can see the philosophy, training methods and exercises that are used at the world renowned (IHP) to develop world class swimmers of all ages.  If you are a swim coach or a personal trainer working with swimmers, this DVD will teach you the latest training methods used at IHP that can take your athletes to the next level.

Product #705 Member price $30.00 +shipping.  Click HERE to order now.


FINIS and ASCA Announce Details For Upcoming 2011 Advanced Backstroke Clinic

ASCA World Clinic: Exhibit Hall Special Events

Counsilman Creative Coaching Contest  

Stop by the Exhibit Hall and share your most original, creative, simple, motivating and fun ideas.  Using 11 x 17 paper, sharpies and the most descriptive infographic you can must, share with all the idea, practice, team game, or motivational tactics that make you the world’s best coach.  Presentations will be judged by committee, with CASH prizes awarded for the top 4 four submissions.

 VASA Swim Trainer – Booth 220 

Come listen to Matt Kredich talk about how he incorporates the VASA Swim Trainer into his training and technical work with his team at the University of Tennessee.  At 8:30am, on Saturday, September 10, at the VASA Booth in the Exhibit Hall (Booth 220), Coach Kredich will discuss how to improve swimmers’ technique with proper movement, as well as how to teach them to reduce drag and generate maximum force.  He will also preview some key points from his pivotal 4-part technique & training DVD series:

Coaches in attendance can register to win one of many excellent prizes including: Coach Kredich’s DVDs ($40 value each), and a Vasa Trainer Pro ($899.00 value)! – Booth 104

Stop by the booths to play some Xbox “Pool Side Pong” or grab some freebies, like duffel bags, Swedish goggles and more.

And, of course, there’s much, much more.  During the World Clinic, check this page regularly for updates.  You definitely don’t want to miss out on the best exhibit hall the World Clinic’s ever had!

Explore The World Clinic Exhibit Hall – Swimming’s Largest Trade Show

The Exhibit Hall at the ASCA World Clinic is the world’s largest swimming-specific trade show. With approximately 80 companies on hand, attendees can examine the latest swimming-related technology, equipment and services.   Discover new products that can decrease expenses and increase revenues.  Do some comparison shopping, talk directly to your providers to get answers to questions, and meet others who are using or considering a product or service you are researching.  No matter what you seek, the Exhibit Hall is the place to get immediate answers and solutions to issues within your organization.

At this year’s Aquatics Exhibition, take some time to visit with your team dealer or renew your club contract with one of the brands.  Check out new inventions – in the form of training and technical tools – presented by professional swimming entrepreneurs.  Meet firsthand with the makers of supplements and ask the necessary questions to determine what’s right for your team.  Discuss with vendors the various technologies available to assist you in day-to-day management and administrative tasks.  Plan for your next team-hosted swim meet by making arrangements for apparel and awards.  Explore the various options for team training trips and see who can help you with travel logistics.  Need new timing equipment, lanelines, non-skid flooring, a water filtration system or better air quality in your facility?  Need a new facility?  Talk to some of the experts in the field, explore the various options available, and head back home with the knowledge and solutions you need to make a difference in your program.

The Exhibit Hall Grand Opening takes place on Wednesday evening, with the Welcome Party sponsored by Colorado Timing Systems.  The Exhibit Hall will remain open from 9am-5pm on Thursday and Friday, and 9am-3pm on Saturday.  A free box lunch will be served to all coaches in the Exhibit Hall on Saturday at noon.

Check out the 2011 Exhibitors

View a map of the Exhibit Hall

See the schedule of vendor presentations

Remember, the generous support of exhibitors helps make ASCA’s World Clinic the premier event for professional swimming coaches.  While on site this year, please step into the Exhibit Hall and take advantage of this opportunity to expand your professional network.

How To Make The Most Of Your Experience At The 2011 ASCA World Clinic

Whether it’s learning the basics of coaching eight and unders, or a high level discussion on race analysis of world-ranked athletes, every coach who attends the World Clinic will find something new to add to their swimming toolbox.  And the coaching instruction is just the beginning – the four day program is filled with a myriad of opportunities to mix with some of the most prominent names on the swimming landscape, to challenge yourself with differing philosophies and coaching perspectives, to gain insight into the business side and governance aspects of American swimming, and to see first-hand the products, services and tools available to take your coaching and your program to the next level.

The ASCA World Clinic is the most important event of the year for swim coaching professionals.  And to help you get the most out of the event, we’ve created this guide to prepare you for the adventure ahead.

Make a schedule.

Take a look at this year’s schedule and identify the talks, events and features you want to experience at the World Clinic.  Draft up a quick plan.  You don’t have to stick with it, but having someplace to start will make all the difference.  Plus, in the process of making your schedule, you may discover things you would not have come across otherwise. With so many presentations taking place simultaneously, it’s a good idea to determine ahead of time the speakers and topics that are most relevant to your coaching education and professional development.

 Find a friend.

Seek out fellow attendees/speakers who have some experience with the event to give you advice, guide you and even show you around. You’ll come away with a new connection or two. Sure, it’s easy to attend the same talks as the other coaches on your staff, but don’t be afraid to go at it alone and chat up coaches from other parts of the country.  While it may be easier to talk to only those people you know, make sure to make new contacts, too.  Approach small groups of people who don’t seem to be in intimate conversations.  Introduce yourself.  Ask questions.  Some of the greatest learning experiences you can have at the World Clinic come not from the actual presentations, but rather, the conversations you have in the halls, over lunch or during evening gatherings.  Use the World Clinic as a networking opportunity.  Listen to your colleagues. You’ll learn new ways to solve problems and do your job.

Study the map.

This is very important.  The Town and Country Hotel is a very large venue, and once you get here, you’ll want to hit the ground running.  Take a few moments and familiarize yourself with the facility prior to arrival.   Map of key locations.

Pack for every occasion. 

The World Clinic and Trade Show is more than just a conference.  You’ll be attending sessions, meeting new colleagues, networking at social events and perusing the Exhibit Hall.  Expect average weather temperatures in the mid-seventies, and bring a jacket or a hoodie for chilly classrooms and evening socializing.   Take at least one selection of business attire — meaning slacks, dress shirt, tie for guys; a skirt and blouse or tailored dress for ladies.  You certainly don’t want to disappoint Coach Peter Daland by showing up at the Awards Banquet with shorts and flip flops.  In general, you’ll want to look and feel your best, and present an image that you are a professional.  That means clothing you feel confident and comfortable in.  Remember comfortable shoes, so you can manage a lot of walking.  And, don’t forget to throw in a swimsuit – whether for hitting the hotel pool, the local beaches, or trying out the new Endless Pool Elite, featured in the exhibit hall.  You’ll also need some writing materials to take notes and a fresh stack of your business cards to hand out to new colleagues and exhibit hall vendors.

Pace yourself.

You will have the urge to hit the ground running and try to cram as much into your first day as possible. Resist it!  You will only be overwhelmed and disappointed with yourself that you don’t have the energy to go to that great evening event you had your heart set on. You may have to make some tough choices, but you’ll be glad you took your first day slowly.

Read the printed materials.

When you get your materials take a moment to look through them. Pay particular attention to the program book, timeline and exhibit hall map. These sets of information will be your lifeline at the World Clinic.  Review your plan, highlight the presentations most applicable to you, and pencil in time to explore the Exhibit Hall or catch a vendor presentation.

Take time to actually listen.

Attending the World Clinic – with four full days of talks and roundtables and featured presentations by the experts in our field – can give you so many new ideas and perspectives that your head will spin.  Don’t become so intent on taking verbatim notes that you actually forget to listen to what the speakers have to say.  Have a pen and notepad handy and write down key ideas or general observations.  Too much writing, and you won’t be able to think about the things you are hearing.  If you want each and every presentation transcript, order the World Clinic Yearbook, or download audio versions of specific talks via the ASCA website.

Attend the Awards Banquet.

The annual ASCA Awards Banquet, a Friday night event where the biggest names in American swim coaching gather to celebrate their successes, includes recognition for Coach of the Year, Age Group Coaches of the Year and Hall of Fame inductees. In addition, the Doc Councilman Creative Coaches Award is given to those who submit poster presentations detailing innovative coaching ideas.  The top three submissions receive cash awards.  ASCA’s Awards Banquet, a formal affair, celebrates the work we do within the professional coaching community.  Don’t miss out on this evening of celebration – reserve your seats today.  Get tickets (available for no additional charge with your World Clinic registration) by emailing Dianne Sgrignoli ( Space is limited to the first 400 coaches.

2011 ASCA World Clinic & Trade Show: Key Locations

Key Locations Map